A classically shaped 60QT cooler cart, which has a wide range of applications not only for medical use but also for household use. The thick PU polyurethane insulation layer reaches 50mm, and the 304 stainless steel parts make the cooler cooler better under the premise of ensuring the thermal insulation performance. Durable.

Internal dimensions: 238㎜×145㎜×180㎜

External dimensions: 330㎜×235㎜×280㎜

Internal volume: 60QT

Internal and external material: stainless steel

Insulation material: PU polyurethane integral foam

Processing technology: blowing + injection molding technology

Temperature type: refrigerated 2-8℃, frozen -12~-22℃, ultra-low temperature -36~-55℃

Scope of application: can be used for products that require physical insulation

60QT Portable Specimen Receiving Incubator Vaccine Freezer Stem Cell Transport Freezer is equipped with an adjustable one-shoulder strap, which allows users to carry a single shoulder strap during transportation. It can be carried on the back during transportation and the shoulder strap can be adjusted. Length, the specific length can be adjusted to suit the user's personal preference and height.

During the use of the 60QT cooler cart, customers can configure different types of temperature recording instruments according to their specific use conditions, so that they can view the temperature or humidity value in the box in real time without opening the box during use.

60QT cooler cart is made of high-density polyurethane integral foam. The average thickness of the insulation layer is 50 mm, which is 5 cm thick. It has good thermal insulation performance and can be used in biomedicine and biochemical reagents for long-term heat and cold insulation. It can also be used to carry various items that need to be kept warm and cold in life, such as food, medicine or other things that require temperature.

The 60QT cooler cart adopts a hidden handle that combines ABS engineering plastic and stainless steel. Under the premise of ensuring the strength of the handle, the aesthetics of the handle are greatly improved, and the grip is comfortable, whether it is empty or heavy. Will not make users feel cut.

60QT cooler cart uses two sets of stainless steel spring locks, which are not only durable but also beautiful, and have a strong texture. Because the locks are locked with springs, they will generally not open by themselves when the box is closed except for artificial opening. Increase the safety of the box.

60QT cooler cart uses double stainless steel hinges to link the box cover to enhance its rotation strength and enhance its reusability.

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