Of course, the challenges are very present. I spend time finding nice designer vintage, but I'm still wearing new pieces. At the Casa, everything is crafted by hand and shopgoers can take their pick between varying heel heights and a rainbow of colors.

While the look might seem impractical at first, over the course of the night, I discovered it was strangely wearable. It's a one-stop outfit: zip in and out, and you're all set. Plus, the gloves Golden Goose Sale felt sexy with the leather coat, even if they posed an issue being attached to the onesie. It's incredibly hard to pee, I confided to Lister-Jones. Washing hands in the outfit is only possible in a single-stall bathroom where you have the privacy to completely undress and mosey to the sink. Really, if it wasn't all connected, I would consider wearing a full Balenciaga-like look without a mask-a little like Kardashian did for her appearance on SNL.

The criteria for selecting a top during the early days of breastfeeding is simple: It must be washable and easily removable. Rather than invest in nursing tees and tops, most of the women I spoke with opt for low-cut pieces that stand the test of time.

The sandals of next summer are somewhere between a chopine and a flatform, a shoe that is equally provocative and walkable. At Altuzarra, they cross with an espadrille, while at Erdem they come in snakeskin and olive satin-demure or vampish, depending on how you style them.

Even if you're not a fan of the shoe, you can't deny that Jenner styled them in a chic way. The footwear is decidedly minimal, and Jenner kept the fit just as clean and unfussy www.goldengoosers.com with a cropped, patchwork tank by Lorra Clara and high-waisted leather pants. With a hot summer ahead of us, we predict the flip-flop heel will be coming back with a vengeance this summer.