In addition to the Yetti boots at Miu Miu and the shearling-lined trapper hats at Dior, there was also a plethora of puffball bags and shearling-swaddled shoes. And while snuggly hiking boots and faux-fur totes would certainly fit the bill for a snow-filled forecast, Soraya Zaman's shoot of the most striking shearling pieces set within Colorado's romantically rocky terrain suggests otherwise.

Throughout lockdown, she didn't pull punches or relax her look whatsoever. Instead, she continued to step out in sweatsuits with knee-high boots and curve-hugging slip dresses.

Rihanna's earth-shattering fashion show debut for Savage x Fenty was a total reinvention of what traditional intimates and lingerie presentations should look like. Both her line and runway shows celebrate fearlessness and inclusivity, and at an affordable price no less.

As Gonzalez moves through the week in looks, it's clear that many of her outfits are also designed to fit her always on-the-go lifestyle. I'm currently tricoastal, which means I live in an eternal jetlag, she laughs.

Over in Nashville, Justin Timberlake opens a country music hall. Manhattan is brimming with things to do: a new hotel in Chelsea the Moore Hotel, an exhibition Golden Goose Sale on Sarah Moon, and a new Keith Haring mural is on view.

For both stylists, it was ultimately important to approach this latest fashion moment as a duo-not as individuals. Megan's look really complimented his, says Ballheim.

I love that butterflies symbolize rebirth and freedom, she says. I have been doodling and sketching them since I was six years old! It was a natural choice to use them in my work; I always pull from childhood! Echoes Jacobs, Over the past year-and-a-half, we've all been 'cocooning,' literally and figuratively.