As we all know, Professors is a very important content in WOW TBC Classic. Whether the player's goal is to Buy WOW TBC Gold make gold, create unique equipment, bring powerful consumables, or other completely different things, players can find the right profession from TBC to help players experience more fun in the game.

Jewelcrafting is a brand new profession introduced by WoW Classic TBC, which will provide powerful rewards for equipment with gem slots. Jewelcrafting can not only enhance the player's best equipment, but also make powerful rings, necklaces, trinkets and other equipment. In WoW Classic TBC, if players match Jewelcrafting with Mining, players will be able to explore ore for their materials because they are the best match.

Leatherworking is entirely centered on Battle Drums, which is one of the most controversial professions in the game. These Drums can be used to give party members a lot of gain, which is very useful in PVE scenarios. However, Leatherworking drums have been weakened from their original form, which will make them less dominant. Therefore, players can freely choose TBC Classic Gold occupations other than Leatherworking, and can still carry out raids at the competitive level.

Skinning is the simplest gathering class in Burning Crusade Classic. For Skinning, resources are around the player, and players can get some extra value by picking up and killing various beast mobs. Of course, Skinning is the best match with Leatherworking, but most people will use it as an extra loot for beasts below level 70, and then use it for the more important class of the WoW Classic TBC final game.

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