If you looking to study MBBS abroad in 2021, then the Philippines is a great option to consider. Medical education in the Philippines is a popular option not just for Indian students but for students from across the world. The UV Gullas College of Medicine admission is an option to consider if you want to study in the Philippines. 

Studying MBBS at UV Gullas

For your MBBS abroad 2021 studies, you can consider the UV Gullas College of Medicine. This is one of the reputed medical colleges in the Philippines that is known for quality education. If you are looking for a top-quality MBBS degree at competitive costs, you can consider this university. The following is information about studying MBBS at the UV Gullas College.

1. UV Gullas College of Medicine is located at Cebu City in the Philippines. Cebu city is a modern city that is one of the top destinations in Asia. Surrounded by islands and mountains, it is a great place to stay and study.

2. UV Gullas College of Medicine offers medical education in English. It has the best facilities and top faculty members so you can be assured of quality education.

3. The weather is moderate and somewhat similar to India. The friendly nature of the people makes this a good place for Indian students to study.

4. The college has a 91% MCI passing rate, which means 91% of Indian students who complete MBBS in this college successfully clear the MCI screening test.

5. With an affordable fee structure, this is one of the best colleges to study medicine abroad.

UV Gullas College of Medicine is a good place to study MBBS abroad. You can complete the degree, take up the screening test, and then practice medicine in India. You can contact an MBBS consultant to complete the UV Gullas College of Medicine admission processes.