Designing a kitchen is always a good challenge, but it always leaves scope for some improvement. This is most commonly seen in dead corners created after settling in all the furniture. You can let the corner remain as is and take away from the overall décor, or use it to create a stunning storage solution.

Here are our top picks for cabinet solutions in odd kitchen corners:

#1 The Blum Space Tower.

There’s space left over at the end of the long kitchen counter – what do you propose to do with it? Most people would plonk a potted plant in the spot and be done with it, but you are not most people. And so, you must make the best of leftover space and make it fully functional with a Blum Space Tower. This is a tall pantry cabinet with pull out shelves / drawers that offers a huge amount of storage space for all your provisions and more. From packets of rice and risotto to bottles of olive oil and cans of fruit, this kitchen pull out pantry cabinet holds them all and then some. The pantry cabinet has pull out shelves or drawers that offer full visibility and complete extensions, so nothing remains hidden and can be spotted easily when you need it the most. The pull-outs can be accessed from the front, left and right, and each can be designed individually for height and depth. The Space Tower can be designed to fit any corner as per your requirement.

#2 The Blum Space Corner cabinet.

What uses an awkward corner and turns it into a fully functional, beautiful piece of storage? It’s the Blum Space Corner cabinet, one of the company’s best innovations in space saving and design. It optimally uses the corners in the kitchen and creates ample space for all your provisions, jars and bottles. It has large drawers that carry heavy loads (up to 65 kg) with full extensions for complete access and full visibility from three sides. Besides, it features Blum’s superb ORGA-LINE inner organizers to compartmentalise the drawers and keep them properly organised. There are side and back panels to keep items from falling out or spilling.

#3 Pull-outs or Drawers under the sink.

The area under the sink is normally shut away from direct visibility with a simple shutter. The enclosed space is then used for a trash can or two, cleaning supplies, brushes and mops. But this space soon becomes messy and prone to insect infestations. And why make this space a tacky one when the rest of the kitchen is designed elegantly? We recommend installing a U-shaped pull out under the sink. Blum has crafted this simple and effective storage solution that stows away all the undesirable cleaning and dusting aids in a set of pull-outs that are sleek and easy to use. You can instantly find what you need with its compartmentalised drawers and full visibility from three sides. The bottom drawer can be customised to fit a trash can as well.