As our living environment is changing, new types of businesses are unfolding. Traditional banks are currently inadequately serviced in providing crypto-related services. Our goal is to create a hassle-free experience for all individuals and investors to avail both banking and crypto services with the emerging blockchain technology. 

About N2: 

N2 is the first of its kind that brings both banking and crypto services onto a single platform. Our mission is to create a compliant and user-friendly platform that grows the crypto ecosystem globally. With our banking partners across the globe, we are striving to build a new-age banking system that encourages crypto services to the local market. 

N2 platform offers wide opportunities for banks to redefine their existing system

A lot of analytics firms are conducting polls on the popularity of cryptos among global investors. As a result, they have stated that crypto has already transcended gold and is now among investors’ top instruments. Also, more than 25% of all investments across the globe are made online, and no wonder cryptos dominate this domain.

However, specialists have concluded that “the best of both worlds is achieved if centralized and decentralized financial services are combined.” This is precisely the rule we support here at the N2 platform when we take the best out of the two financial worlds!

N2 blockchain brings you complete transparency and decentralization that makes cryptocurrencies available for global users and recognized in the world as humanly possible! The rise of crypto should lead to the era of digital finance that will change the forthcoming economy for the best.

So now the question is, does N2 optimistically transform the existing banking model, but how? 

Multi-currency account:

A single platform that supports multiple bank accounts from different countries. 

Cross-border transactions:

Since the platform relies on blockchain, users are allowed to make secure cross-border transactions with minimal fees.  

Hybrid exchange:

The platform offers an integrated trading platform that allows users to trade crypto and stock right away from their accounts. 


N2 offers all-in-one simplified solutions for fundraising. Thus helping startup businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their projects on a wider scale. FOR more come with us