Amazon Game Studios MMORPG New World ushered in its biggest update to date. Many players also bought Amazon New World Coins to prepare for the update. Unfortunately, the update seems to cause unforeseen problems, such as sending some servers to move forward.

Recently, some players have discovered that the timing of certain servers may be advanced weeks or even months. This can cause various problems in the game. Because players have to pay taxes every week, this situation causes players to spend more New World Gold. And if taxes are not paid every week, settlement crafting stations will be downgraded and will miss the scheduled wars to control various territories. If they are not maintained, players-owned houses will not be issued, and auctions posted by players will not be sold normally.

According to reports, New World servers affected by the time jump will be shut down for maintenance with little or no warning. Then they will be back online, and the clock in the game seems to have been reset to a few hours before the time traveling occurred.

This is just the latest installment coming to New World in recent weeks. Last month, the game’s economy went offline on two separate occasions to combat duplication exploits that threaten to disrupt game players’ driving market stability. Because of this problem, many players lost a lot of New World Gold. Early invincible attacks made players invincible. Considering that most of New World’s content revolves around PvP, this is a major problem.

Time traveling servers were launched after the New World’s Into the Void update released last week. This update adds new enemies, more mission types, new weapons, etc. to Amazon’s MMO. Players who want to know more can check the guide and buy New World Gold on IGGM. The good news is IGGM will offer a 5% discount on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday and the discount code is “Thanks”.