Players who have entered the charm of Final Fantasy XIV must have heard of Taffeta Cloth suits, which are known for their attractive appearance. To make this suit, players need Taffeta Cloth, which is specifically for Taffeta Shawl and Loincloth. Any craftsman in Final Fantasy XIV will know that rare crafting materials usually require a lot of polishing. Taffeta Cloth is no exception. Player retainers are the only way to get it.

To obtain Taffeta Cloth, Final Fantasy XIV players must let their Retainers begin an exploration adventure, which is a special task that takes 18 hours to complete. After Retainer completes their adventure, they will get a certain amount of XP and provide random items to the player. The items that players will get FFXIV Gil. However, there are still few requirements for the possible decline of Taffeta Cloth.

Taffeta Cloth mainly comes from Retainer Field Explorations. In particular, players must send their holders in Field Explorations XIII or higher. For these enterprises, the keeper's job level should be at least 50, and the equipment's equipment level should be 60 or higher. Some players claim that Taffeta Cloth drops can also come from Waterside Exploration XIII and Woodland Exploration XIII. Alternatively, players can get Taffeta Cloth from the Marketing Committee, but its price may be very expensive, and players need to pay a large amount of FFXIV Gil.

In order to increase their luck in obtaining Taffeta Cloth, players should focus on upgrading their retainer to level 50 or higher. The fastest way to upgrade Retainers is to send them to Quick Explorations. These can be completed in just one hour. However, they provide less XP, but still cost Ventures x 2 like 18 hours of exploration. The easiest way to breed Ventures is to purchase them using Grand Company Seals. Use Quick Discovery to quickly upgrade Retainers only to those players who have enough FFXIV Gil to grow Ventures and check their Retainers frequently. In addition, IGGM has a Black Friday event from November 23rd to November 30th. Players who want to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil can use the code "Friday" to get a 5% discount.