After New World closed its trading station for the third time to combat the effects of being deceived, and the New World Coins game's wealth transfer system, many players lost their stable income and could not reliably pay rent. In response, Amazon Game Studios chose to temporarily reduce Aeternum's housing tax by 90%.

The tax cut seems to continue until New World's December update, when the replication vulnerability and its damage to the game state will be reversed, or a solution to stably restore the New World economy will be implemented. Amazon Game Studios also continues to apologize to players affected by the recent issues.

In addition to lowering the house tax, the development team also increased New World’s house ownership income, with the goal of preventing income loss before the December update, and promised to provide further compensation in future patches to solve this problem. Although the reduction in housing tax is a welcome change for players, it is clear that they are not happy to accept it.

Players are dissatisfied with the inconsistency of Amazon Game Studio's handling of the New World issue, and are waiting for the development team to make Aeternum a pleasant world and experience undisturbed fatigue. Specifically, those involved in the game production system in the New World player base have stated that this Cheap New World Coins temporary solution means that trophies cannot be traded until the December update at the earliest.

How Amazon Game Studios will solve the repeated crises that plagued the New World economy after the trading station reopens is not yet known, but some players bitterly stated that the housing tax will be substantially increased to reduce the artificial amount of gold injected into the economy. By the way, NewWorldCoins is holding promotional activities, if players urgently need a large amount of New World Coins, welcome to visit!