Event planning is an art in itself as the event planner should have the knowledge of what is going to happen from beginning to the end. They arrange the venue, the decorations, catering services, photography, entertainment and everything else that is part of an event. Wedding planners in Gurgaon are specialists and experts in planning wedding parties. Gurgaon has every facility required for a wedding making the task of these service providers easy. They understand the importance of the day to you and work with you according to your needs. They also assist with all pre-wedding activities too.


They usually serve over a large area and can arrange your wedding anywhere in the city.

How do the event planners work with service providers?

  • They always select the venue according to the number of guests invited, your location and your budget.
  • Every assignment is unique to them and they decorate differently at every wedding. They not only build shamianas in style but use flowers and other decorating materials.
  • Food is an important part of the party to keep the guests busy and is prepared with the best culinary methods. They will arrange the caterers according to your serving requirements.
  • Photographers are hired to tell the story of the day through the photos they capture.
  • Entertainment includes artist performances like singers, musicians, comedians, magicians to entertain the young ones and background music at the party.

Event planners in Delhi will be able to arrange all these as well as their counterparts in Gurgaon.


Wedding planners have been associated with these service providers for years and know what they are capable of doing. These service providers always give their best as they know that good performance will earn them more work. The wedding planners customize everything based on the requirements listed by you. 


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