Some people are born ballerinas, while others are graced with a normal level of general coordination. So even when you're putting on leggings, a wrap cardigan, or a corset, it still feels like you're dressing up-but not overdressed. It's about showing that side of yourself, and Craig did such a great job of capturing that.

You need to be starting from that point of feeling luxury! From there, she's also planning the release of her first collection of yellow-gold pieces speckled with Ceylon-blue Golden Goose Outlet sapphires, deep-red garnets, and pink tourmalines that she describes as mermaid candy.

Not only is the brand known for its super-supportive bras, but True Co. At least, that's what TikTok and Gen Z are saying. Maybe I should be more specific. She continued the theme with a body-skimming spaghetti strap Chanel dress that was splashed with a surf print, a throwback to the Spring 2002 collection.

As for the look, Rombaut was inspired by both his own designs, specifically his fall 2021 Drone sandal with an alien-type sole and a nylon upper that is reminiscent of a puffer coat. Filming in Italy over the past few months, paparazzi caught an unending carousel of fabulously outre '90s looks while Gaga inhabited the role of the fashion house's black widow, Patrizia Reggiani.

For Felix, the campaign-which features Felix and models wearing the sneakers around a serene beach setting-had a personal message that is just as meaningful as the brand's inception story. So, as I get into my athleisure suit for the day, I focus my attention on finding the perfect pair of comfy socks that complete my look.