In New World, you can use a sword and a shield to construct the most effective tank build you can think of. In New World, here's how to put together the best sword and shield loadout you possibly can:The sword is the only weapon currently available in New World that can be used in conjunction with a shield, and it is also the most powerful weapon available. A tanky loadout can be constructed using the sword's relative weakness in comparison to other heavy New World weapons, which is effective in both PvE and PvP situations, despite the sword's relative weakness.

Adding a carnelian gem to your sword will grant it the taunting perk, which can be used in conjunction with the Shield Bash and Defiant Stance abilities found in the mastery defender tree to deal even more damage to your enemies. It is recommended that you increase your dexterity and constitution in order to become more damage resistant due to the fact that the sword provides strength characteristics.

In order for other members of the party to deal damage for themselves while they protect and mitigate damage for others, the best DPS builds, such as the best New World Fire Staff build, melee-focused DPS builds, such as the rapier, war hammer, hatchet, and great axe, or life staff healer builds, should be used in conjunction with them. In particular, slow enemies are important, as the tank is particularly good at crowd control, and AoE damage can be used to maximize your overall efficiency. Because of this, here is a list of the best New World tank builds that make use of a sword and a shield for both PvE and PvP combat and are appropriate for the New World.


In order to be the most effective in PvP tanking, the best build is one that incorporates a sword and shield, as well as a great axe, into the mix. When defending large groups of enemies, the PvE tank playstyle is slightly more offensive than when defending small groups of enemies. It also relies heavily on crowd control, as you must defend large groups of enemies while your party members heal and attack from a distance while you defend large groups of enemies. This item is not intended to be used solely to withstand monster attacks, but new world gold is useful for fending off opponents during combat.

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