Mission 2: Eavesdrop on the OSRS GP Ceremony To start this mission it is necessary to wear Zamorak costumes. It is necessary to put them on before speaking to a Chaos Druid mage (not one of the lvl 13s). He will tell you the ritual is nearly complete, they just need something from Lord Salarin. You can visit Sir Tiffy Cashien at Falador Park to get the blessed herb. If you give it to the mage The potions will explode, the mission completed.

Mission 3 - A sequel to Devious Minds, sorta. Remember at the end Devious Minds when you were told the Temple Knights would attempt to duplicate the Bow Sword that you had made? You must now try it. It requires at least 20 attacks and 34 range. You'll be provided with an archer's bow and 20 mithril arrows, and put in a room with some adversaries. Your bow sword can allow you to deal damage of 20 by range and 40 using melee. This mission has been completed. You will be awarded more Bow Swords as a reward. They can be used for combat and range.

Mission 4 - To Catch a Thief. Visit Port Sarim Jail for this mission. Talk to the thief who is in the cell and he'll eventually inform you that he has kept some valuable items. The thief will not discuss the matter, as only his partner knows where the location is. Find the 16th level Thief in Port Sarim, and select Follow. He'll eventually be in front of the strange statue in Port Sarim. To get the loot back make use of a spade and begin digging after he's left. Bring it back to Tiffy Cashien

It's not every place that is rainy though. The desert would stay dry and it's odd to have rain outside the gates of Al Kadrid rainy, and inside it's fine. But it's possible to fix this by having it drizzle closer to the gate, and the further away you get, the heavier the rain becomes. There would also be no rain on any structures including castles, homes or other structures. Rain would not come down on caves, mines, volcanoes, or volcanoes.

Another concept is the rs 3 gold intensity at which it rains and in which areas. It's only rain in desert areas. It's likely to rain in swamps but it won't pour in cities. Thunderstorms can be quite cool, too. You would hear sound effects of thunder and lightning would flash occasionally (again dependent on where you are.) It wouldn't be too annoying since lightning flashes in certain games just adds a little zing to the game.