It was here that the challenges surrounding my potential Halloween look began to arise. First and foremost, the costume was sold out in my size. For your trip, consider those Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck glasses the actor wore for his Academy Award-winning role in To Kill a Mockingbird. Maybe add Roger Vivier red satin slippers a la Dorothy those are on view at the museum and some Saint Laurent earrings as starry Golden Goose Sale as the walk of fame.

In order to achieve effective results, scalp products require formulations that penetrate and deliver the ingredients deep into the follicle, and who better than skin care experts and developers to apply their existing knowledge to these endeavors, says New York trichologist Shab Reslan of the fruitful rise of skin-conscious hair care. Reslan works with U.K.

Lunn works with paper as she would a textile, with glue substituting for stitches. In 2006 her delicate paper works were translated into porcelain by Royal Copenhagen. It has been, literally, a long road. My colleagues have been training for months to be ready for this moment to perform here for you.

Just a little bit of a busy summer, then. Luckily he has the perfect new pair of shoes to be running around in. Still, certifications aren't the end-all-be-all. As Bluesign's Kutay Saritosun recently pointed out to me, a T-shirt could be made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, but once it's printed with plastic-based ink or treated with chemical softeners, it's hardly an organic product.

Phoebe Philo smiles. 'Yes. Rure and her team have been working from home for the last six weeks, despite only a partial lockdown order in Turkey. The fulfillment group is still in the warehouse, but they've minimized the number of employees on site at a given time and are following the recommended precautions for cleaning, screening, and hygiene.