Listen to your gut instincts, and truly so. Our gut health rules our overall health. It is like a second brain of our body and is important in boosting our immunity, as 70 % of the immune cells are located here. The credit for keeping our guts healthy goes to trillions of bacteria, called probiotics, which are live bacteria that are essential for optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination for keeping our immune system strong.

Prebiotics to boost probiotics

Just like every living creature requires food to grow, these gut micro-biome also need fuel: prebiotics (indigestible fibre). A healthy dose of the food will nourish the bacteria, the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains that are useful for us. They help to improve digestion and metabolism, improve skin health, enhance bowel movement, reduce constipation, rejuvenate immunity and enhance our mental well being.

Indulging in unhealthy practices like too much fast food, sugary and caffeinated drinks, soda, and other things will make us fall prey to a number of diseases and gut issues like indigestion, gas, acidity and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). To ensure good and balanced gut health, one needs to maintain a healthy gut microflora, therefore. To facilitate that, one needs to depend on good food habits that are rich in fibre.

Food that helps to keep your gut happy

Healthy food rich in carbohydrates and fibre is always suggested to boost health.  In order to keep the probiotics happy, one need to consume fermented food items like yoghurt, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, natto, kefir,  kombucha and kimchi, fibrous food like dark green vegetables, whole grains, beets, apple, fennel, chia seeds and papaya, fish like salmon and bone broth. Now the prebiotics on which the probiotics depend should also be taken care of. Food like high fibrous fruits and vegetables like asparagus, beans, onions, garlic, bananas and chicory should also be included in the diet.

Supplements to help

Well, besides a healthy diet plan, one also sometimes needs to rely on outside sources to keep us healthy and get going. Our busy schedules may be a bit too hectic at times, throwing everything out of gear. We skip on some of the vital nutrients available in raw food. So to make things a little easy, we have our supplements that can take care of our guts.

The one that needs a mention is the Melts Healthy Gut, which is a small strip that works wonders to give a complete digestive balance. These oral strips are made from 100 % natural ingredients that work in synergy to give a whole new experience. The gut strips are formulated with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and apple cider vinegar that help complete protein and carbohydrate metabolism, nourishing the gut and preventing undesirable digestive issues.

The composition of these healthy gut strips precisely are:

  • Bacillus coagulans (10 CFU) is a probiotic, good gut bacteria that protects the gut from infections and maintain a healthy gut microbiome.
  • A blend of plant-based digestive enzymes comprising protease (helps in better protein metabolism and break down into singular amino acids), papain (extracted from papaya, this proteolytic enzyme breaks down proteins into peptides relieving digestive symptoms of constipation and bloating) and bromelain (extracted from pineapple, this enzyme guard the stomach against inflammations caused by inflammatory bowel disorders and diarrhoea-causing bacteria) that help increasing nutrient absorption and boosting energy by reducing the symptoms of IBS.
  • Apple cider vinegar boosts the growth of good gut bacteria, promoting a healthy gut environment. This reduces gut inflammations, bloating and counters the effects of acid reflux.

Just put them in your mouth, and let the nutrients wake up the gut flora. With super-fast absorption, the oral strips need minimum time to show its effects. So get ready to boost your immune system and say goodbye to all your stomach disorders with these healthy gut strips. A few other options of oral strips are also available in the market.

A healthy and balanced gut is necessary to maintain good immunity and a strong you. Stomach disorders can wreak havoc in the day to day lives. Hectic schedules can sometimes lead to disturbances in the daily health routines and intake of good food. But without much worry, one can easily avail of the great benefits of the supplements. Just make sure to consult your physician once before purchasing one and enjoy happy gut health.