In the higher-level content of New World, especially in the expedition, it will be essential to have a tank in the player's team. The weapon of the player as a tank player and the attributes that the player decides to upgrade play a vital role in the ability of the player's team to successfully perform the mission and the player's chance of survival.

The weapons and attributes that the player decides to stick to ultimately depend on the needs of the player, the Cheap New World Coins team or the company, but with the latest update of the game and the development direction of the meta, it is almost absolutely necessary to have a tank player in the player’s team. . Sword and Shield/Great axe is one of the most popular tank builds since the launch of the game, and it is especially effective for PvP.

Sword and Shield provides a balanced defense option as the player's main choice, and Great Axe allows the player to cause a lot of damage in a short period of time, especially when the player is suddenly ambushed by other PvP. Even in PvE, using different abilities to master the same build of the tree for the player's secondary great axe can prove to be the most effective.

Physical fitness and strength are the absolute essential attributes of this construction. Players should start with physique, ensure that the player's character's health and defensive abilities are stable, and then choose strength. Make sure to equip heavy armor and specialization to these two attributes to make the most of the player's weapons. If the player wants a lightweight alternative to sword and shield/great axe build, matching the hatchet as the player's secondary weapon may be more suitable for the player's needs.

The hatchet is one of the most versatile weapons in the New World Coins game. Because it is light, it allows players to hunt down other PvP players before they escape. Similarly, strength and physique are the most important attributes here. If the player can get armor that can give the player a threat bonus, the player will become more tanked. In addition, players can purchase cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to improve their skill levels.