In WOW TBC Classic, players can participate in multiple activities after reaching the highest level.

When we successfully pass Burning Crusade Power Leveling and reach level 70, we may wonder what we should do next. Below, I will introduce some ways for you to keep us busy in the Burning Crusade Classic Gold game.

As we all know, having more TBC Classic Gold can give our account a greater advantage. Therefore, Farm Gold has become one of the best activities in the game. We can spend a certain amount of gold to buy all our abilities from the trainer and improve our character. In addition, we can also use the auction house to purchase rare pending items needed to complete any or some professional recipes.

In addition, many TBC Classic map suppliers will also provide interesting goods for the characters. Players can use many methods to increase the reputation of different factions and make them gradually become honors. In addition, we can redo many dungeons on normal difficulty and gain points when defeating enemies.

When we get used to ordinary dungeons, we can increase the difficulty to get better game rewards. In addition, you can also get Badges of Justice to exchange for powerful game items. You can also loot unique equipment by killing the bosses of each instance. The most important thing is that players can also build a powerful party to win more friends on the party list.

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