In a narrow sense, automobile molds are the general term for the molds used by Automotive Mold Manufacturers to punch all stamping parts on the car body, that is, "automobile body stamping dies", which are used to make all the parts on the car. For example, stamping molds, injection molds, forging molds, casting wax molds, glass molds, etc.

The stamping parts on the car body are roughly divided into cover parts, beam parts, and general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can clearly express the characteristics of the car's image are the car cover parts.

Therefore, the more specific automobile molds can be said to be "automobile panel stamping molds", referred to as automotive panel punching dies, for example, front door outer panel trimming dies, front door inner panel punching dies, etc.

As the foundation of the auto industry, auto parts are necessary factors to support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. In particular, the current independent development and innovation of the auto industry are being carried out vigorously and in full swing, and it needs a strong parts system to support it. Vehicle independent brands and technological innovation require parts and components as the foundation, and independent innovation of parts and components has a strong driving force for the development of the vehicle industry. They influence and interact with each other. There is no independent brand of complete vehicles, but a powerful Auto Parts Mold Its R&D and innovation capabilities are difficult to burst. Without the support of powerful Auto Parts Mold, it will be difficult for independent brands to become bigger and stronger.