SMC Mold is one type of mold in the hot press molding process. SMC mold requires a heating system for the mold cavity and core, and the temperature difference is maintained at about 5 degrees Celsius. After the process parameters are set, the sheet mold material is placed in the mold, the mold is closed, and the raw material is melted into the mold cavity by the set temperature and pressure. Dacheng Mould.

There are many methods to classify molds. In the past, they are often used: classification according to mold structure, such as single-process molds, multiple punching dies, etc.; classification according to mold manufacturing materials, such as cemented carbide molds, etc.; classification according to process properties, such as drawing dies, powder Metallurgical molds, forging dies, etc.; classified by the object of use, such as Automotive Mold, motor molds, etc.; classified by the nature of the processed materials, such as molds for metal products, molds for non-metallic products, etc. Some of these classification methods cannot fully reflect the characteristics of the structure and forming and processing of various molds, as well as their useful functions.

To this end, a comprehensive classification method based on the nature of the molding process and the object of use is adopted, and the mold is divided into ten categories. Each category of molds can be based on the mold structure, material, use function, and mold-making method. Equally divided into several sub-categories or varieties.