In a short period of time yesterday, players could grab a path to elimination Ryan Gravenberch for less than 16,000 FIFA 22 Coins. He will be able to upgrade to level 86 and become one of the best all-around midfielders in FIFA 22.

Because EA Sports made a mistake in the price range of the two RTT cards in FIFA 22, Ryan Gravenberch and Arturo Vidal. When they won three games for Ajax in the Champions League group stage and upgraded their items, they set the range price at the price of normal gold. Therefore, some upgraded cards are listed as the largest purchase list for Gravenberch with a maximum of 15,000 coins and Vidal with 16,000 coins.

This led to the temporary extinction of the two cards, which prevented players from getting the full value of the cards from the transfer market and selling them.

Players who put the cards on the transaction pile, they relisted all the none on the transfer list, so they will list such cards at the price of gold cards instead of special cards, thus losing thousands of coins.

And in some cases, buying Ryan Gravenberch even requires a minimum of 650 coins, which looks like it is a standard gold card. So some buyers can buy these cheap cards in the transfer market, or get good players at a low price, so that they can be sold in the future. But this is very unfavorable for players who still insist on selling cards after upgrading in the knockout stage.

Although EA repaired this error soon after it appeared, it seems that hundreds of such cards have already been sold. However, the players did not comment on this error, but only Buy FUT 22 Coins expressed their disinterest in its price range.

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