2021 Yeezy Boost often increases investment every Black Friday, by supplementing beloved products or launching new color schemes. However, this year is not as exciting as in previous years; although this usually causes people to worry, it seems that the brand just chose to focus on the entire December because there are so many outstanding products this month. Among them, YEEZY 700 V3 will return to the stage with a new "copper fade" makeup look. "Copper Fading" is mainly composed of dark tones and is more like an executed display. Fixing devices such as midsoles, boots and laces are all simple, they prefer solid color finishes in dark blue, brown and black. However, its shape is full of saturated colors, and its TPU cage and Primeknit are equipped with a gradient that gradually darkens the orange on the title.

Nike Dunk Low is likely to continue to dominate in 2022. In addition to the Cadysneaker  collaboration with Polaroid and UNION LA, the contour will also provide a large number of GRs, including this newly revealed "Gypsy Rose" makeup. First of all, on the PS and TD size surfaces, the color matching is an extension of the beloved two-color appearance. Although familiar in this respect, the material is more interesting, choosing a visible tumble through each pink overlay. However, under the sole, everything is as smooth as usual, wrapped in white, matching the same ordinary texture of the tongue and midsole. Sports shoes and photography are so closely connected that we often overlook the latter. Surprisingly, there are few opportunities to collaborate with major companies in the industry; only Vans has started to move in this direction, introducing Leica to one of their professional skaters. It seems, though, that now Nike SB is following suit and they have added Polaroid to Dunk Low's long list of partners. Next is a fairly simple design, which is not only an ode to the brand itself, but also a subtly praise of the instant movies they made. Most of the black clothes are underneath the upper leather and the white midsole, together mirroring the monochrome appearance of Polaroid before the development. The layered appearance of Swoosh looks like it was shot with a slow shutter speed, and then the colors match the shadows of the rainbow to match the iconic logo of the insole and institution.

Although covered by several other "Big Apple" brands, Angelo Barker's "Awakening" brand has cultivated a large number of followers in the past three years. A period of time in Supreme made the Ecuadorian-American creative famous in the streetwear industry, but when he started his retail business, he let his work speak for himself. In the process, Hoka Sneakers ,Buck used ASICS and other institutions to create eye-catching products, which will soon include the GEL-Kayano Trainer 21 duo, which will help "Awakening" further realize Virgil Abloh (virgil Abloh) The mission of the later "postmodern" academics. This New York-based brand previously worked with Japanese sportswear giants to cover the contours of other gel cushions with a large number of declarative patterns and tones. In the latest cooperation project, both parties have maintained a relatively plain style and seem to be on the theme, because the white, green and orange color schemes of the two upcoming sneakers are very suitable for their exclusive release in Miami. This silhouette with sports information will only be released in the unknown store co-founded by LeBron James. All sales proceeds from the first day of the series (December 2) will be donated to the initiative launched by Abloh before his unfortunate death to create design opportunities for black creatives, and an angiosarcoma awareness company (angioosarcoma Awareness, Inc.), the organization is concerned about the disease that off-white-fronfronty suffered when he died.