In general, 2017 is a great year. From the perspective of film, there are many great blockbusters and art films. For our action movie fans, this year is a satisfactory year when we watch the catalogue of the whole action scene.

Due to the content and style of the film, it is sometimes difficult to affix an action seal to the film. Almost all blockbusters may be action movies, because they are full of action scenes and a lot of spectacular scenes and fireworks; But sometimes these films are more like science fiction films or fantasy films. Even on the whole, they are labeled as "superheroes" because superhero films seem to have become a type.

In this list, we will mainly focus on pure action movies, in which action is the most important thing (or one of the most important aspects) and the transmission line of the movie. Although wonder woman, Thor: Ragnarok or any other blockbuster may be a great action film, there are many other factors that make these films different from others, although they are not pure action movies on the whole. In this list, only one good example can be classified as a best seller, but we can talk about it later.

Having said that, let's take a look at the three best pure action movies in 2017.

Wolf warrior 2

The fire of freedom is directed by Ben Whitley, who can adapt any type he wants. This time, he entered the action film and achieved more than one good result. The influence of filmmakers like Tarantino is obvious from the beginning of the film, mainly reflected in the dialogue.

Boston, 1978. The head of a weapons band is selling things to several Irish people in an abandoned warehouse. However, the exchanges between the two sides began to complicate and go to unexpected extremes. Soon after, a gun battle began.

It is starred by the talented cirlian Murphy, which seems to be the most protagonist; Bree Larson plays the only woman among the actors, proving that she can be as good or better than her peers; Amy hammer plays a nasty sarcastic guy in a role he somehow doesn't recognize; Sharlto Copley plays a funny guy.

Another advantage is that it gives all roles the same importance and time, which means a high degree of attention to what will happen. It's almost free. Free fire is a tribute to such films in the 1970s.

Little driver

The film is written and directed by Edgar Wright. He has directed the cornetto Trilogy (zombie Sean, hot hair, the end of the world) and the great pilgrim Scott vs. the world, which is very similar to the latter in music rhythm. It is actually the protagonist of the whole story.

Babe (Ansel elgert), a young and talented driver, specializes in escape, relying on his personal music rhythm in his own - the best in driving. When he met the girl of his dreams (Lily James), babe saw an opportunity to give up his criminal life and make a clean escape. But after being forced to work for a criminal gang leader (Kevin Spacey), he must appear when a tragic blow threatens his life, his love and his freedom.

But Speed Racer not only has a lot of action scenes and comedies, spectacular soundtrack, and everything required by an excellent action film, but also has a space for love stories. We saw James's frankness in Downton Abbey, an oasis in the crazy desert in which babe participated. Obviously, the film has a traditional moment; The first scene was wonderful, full of adrenaline, but the rhythm did not decline, thanks to elgert and Jamie fox. There is no doubt that their performance is the most interesting in a usually competent cast.


This is another (but not the last) Chinese action spectacle on the list. It is a pure Hong Kong action film directed by Li Zekai and starring Zhang Jin, Lin Jiadong and Yu wenle.

Detective Dong is determined to catch smuggler Sheng at all costs. The chase took him to a casino cruise, where the internal power struggle between criminals will put the police and criminals to the test.

What makes this film different is the way it is filmed. Nicholas Tse's photography is really great, and the actions in the picture are also perfect. This should be an unbreakable rule - display action - but it is a common technique that sometimes shakes around the camera or uses fast cut action to make the experience a little painful to watch or don't know what happened. This is not the case here.

Simple and has entered the action, just at the beginning of the scene, we got an interesting action battle, which is a very good shooting.