We are a Corduroy fabric manufacturer. Now we will introduce the characteristics and washing methods of corduroy fabrics.

  Corduroy is one of our most common types of clothing fabrics. It is mainly used to produce clothing, shoes and hats and other textiles, but there are not many people who really understand the characteristics of corduroy. Incorrect washing and maintenance methods have greatly shortened the life of the fabric.

  1. What is corduroy

  Corduroy is mainly made of cotton, and then blended with polyester, acrylic and other chemical fibers through a certain process (initially pure cotton). Here, weft cutting and raising technology will be used to make the suede surface and the fabric has a good The three-dimensional sense of the corduroy, followed by the thicker corduroy and excellent warmth retention properties, so it is suitable as a production fabric for winter outerwear.

  Second, the characteristics of corduroy

  Corduroy fabric has a three-dimensional effect and is a kind of natural environmental protection fabric. When the fluff is up and down, there will be different reflections. The color of the former is more colorful and the color of the latter will be darker. Generally, imported clothing uses more smooth hair upwards. , The domestic is more inclined to use downward. However, the overall abrasion resistance of corduroy clothing is low, so avoid excessive friction with other items when wearing it.

  Third, the performance of corduroy

  The corduroy velvet strips are round and uniform, the fabric is thick and elastic, but it is easy to be torn, so be careful when wearing it to prevent it from being caught by hard objects.

  Fourth, the characteristics of corduroy

  Corduroy is woven with a set of warp yarns and two sets of weft yarns. The pile part of it is generally in contact with the outside world. In some parts where friction often occurs (neckline, cuffs, elbow), the fluff will fall off easily.

  Five, corduroy uses

  Corduroy is the main feature of warmth, so it is often used as a fabric for autumn and winter outerwear, shoes and hats and handicrafts.

  Six, corduroy fabric washing

  When washing, you should use a soft brush to slowly scrub in the direction of the fluff. Corduroy fabrics are generally not allowed to be ironed. Do not stack other clothes on top when storing, and keep the clothes always in a plump and plump state. .

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