Since the release of New World, controversial events have continued in the last few months of this year. Although the game has not gone to the point of extinction as many people think so far, it has been on the cusp of everyone's talk. Just recently, the endgame equipment changes implemented by Amaozn have once again caused intense controversy. The development team responded to the feedback from the fans, acknowledging that the way the team handled the problems was obviously wrong, and announced what measures they are taking to solve these problems.

This controversy mainly stems from earlier news, as part of the PTR notes, regarding a controversial change in the high-water mark system. This change renamed the current system to "Expertise" and immediately reduced the player's ability. Therefore, many players criticized the measure.

In response to these changes, Amazon Amazon New World Coins announced that they will not make adjustments to any mission loot, elaborate equipment, or anything purchased from the Faction store.

Therefore, Amazon feels that these methods can allow players to equip themselves if they do not want to participate in the expertise system. And production is very important in the game, so the system does not touch those produced equipment may have a positive impact on the economy.

In addition, Amazon also admitted New World Coins that New World may become more difficult for players who have not yet reached level 60, although the introduction of the new Gypsum currency in the Expertise system can relatively offset some of the impact.

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