With the rapid development of the pet industry, pet companies and other related pet products and services have emerged one after another. Pets have gradually become a very valuable and dynamic link in the pet industry chain, attracting more and more attention from all parties, and occupy an increasing proportion in the profit structure of the pet industry chain. Pet 4g cat gps tracking is at pet risk Plays a very important role in control.

The main function of 4g cat gps tracking:

4G full Netcom, positioning is more accurate, and risk control is more effective;

Pet real-time positioning and query, establishing a rapid, accurate and effective information transmission channel between the credit leasing company and the pet;

Pets cross borders and lines to alarm, effectively control the whereabouts of credit lease pets and customers, find problems in time, and improve the speed and ability of incident response;

Pet travel report, including daily mileage statistics and monthly mileage statistics, accurately record the mileage and time after the customer rents the car, and provide effective data for business settlement and billing;

Pet remote control, pets enter a specific area, set the electronic fence alarm, once they enter the alarm;

Emergency alarm, provide customers with timely pet rescue services, improve user satisfaction, and enhance the company's image;