The Oilless Sliding Bearing has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacturing, small radial size, the strong vibration absorption capacity of the essential oil film, etc. It can withstand large impact loads, so it works smoothly and has no noise. Under the condition of ensuring liquid friction, the shaft can be high-speed for a long time Running, suitable for precise, high-speed and heavy-duty rotating occasions. Because the required clearance between the journal and the bearing can work normally, it affects the improvement of the rotation accuracy; even in the liquid lubrication state, the sliding resistance friction factor of the lubricating oil is generally still there. Between 0.08-0.12, so the temperature rise is relatively high, and it is difficult to lubricate and maintain.

The damage forms of sliding bearings include wear, melting, peeling and cracks on the working surface. The main reason for these defects is that the oil film is destroyed for some reason, which leads to direct friction between the journal and the bearing surface. For the defects of different bearing forms, the repair methods adopted are also different.

(1) The repair of integral sliding bearings generally adopts the method of replacing the shaft sleeve.

(2) The split sliding bearing is slightly worn, which can be dealt with by adjusting the gasket and re-scraping.

(3) Inner-column-outer-cone sliding bearings if the working surface is not severely scratched, and only for precision trimming, the gap can be adjusted by the nut; when the working surface is severely scratched, the main shaft should be disassembled and the bearing should be scratched again, To restore its matching accuracy. When there is no adjustment margin, the outer cone diameter of the bearing can be enlarged by spraying, or the conical surface of the small end of the bearing can be removed, and the thread length can be lengthened to increase the adjustment range. When the bearing is deformed or worn severely, it must be replaced.

(4) For multi-watt sliding bearings, when the working surface is slightly scratched, the inner surface of the bearing can be polished and repaired by grinding. When the working surface is severely burned or worn due to the holding shaft, the inner surface of the bearing can be repaired by scraping.

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