Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has new areas to explore, new mounts to collect, two new jobs and a new race, major changes to existing jobs, and more. Like most MMORPG extensions, it has dozens of hours of content to cover, and more content will be provided through a patch soon.

Despite a terrible premise, Endwalker's story begins relatively peacefully. The first 10 hours focus on new areas and new characters that players will interact with, including some relaxing comedy clips and good connections with NPC allies. However, once the player has completed the first dungeon, the story begins to climax. Players will have FFXIV Gil in return as they complete the task.

As for the gameplay, Endwalker follows the same routine as the previous expansion pack Shadowbringers. To unlock new features and content, players must complete the main scene tasks and role tasks. Between these missions, they will perform side missions, battle in dungeons, and conduct elaborate boss battle trials. Reaper is one of two new professions in Endwalker, the other is Sage. Reaper is a melee DPS class that wields a huge sickle and summons a demon called Voidsent Avatar to help players fight.

All these new work changes will be helpful in the next battle, because the enemies and bosses of the Endwalker dungeon and dungeon will go all out, and these monsters will not mess around. They will use every mechanism they learned in all the expansion packs of Final Fantasy XIV to test players. The game also introduces new and old mechanics in an innovative way, catching veterans by surprise. And there will be more forms in the game to help players Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.