Kim Kardashian, America's TV reality star has again been in the spotlight for her personal life. Fans who hoped to see her with Kanye West will be disappointed, as the Hollywood diva has ended her marriage.

Kim and Kanye are among the most well-known couples in the world. They each have a distinct professional identity. Kim Kardashian's life has been full of ups and downs over the past few months. Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West and was then seen in many locations with Pete Davidson.

Kim decided to remove the 'West" from her name and she has stated that she wants to end this relationship. Kanye asked Kim to allow him to return to his life a few hours before this incident.

Kim is currently dating Davidson. The couple was seen together enjoying each other’s company in public places. His videos and pictures have gone viral. They are now being considered for the official couple.

Kim has legally filed to be single to have her name changed. Kim filed legal documents Friday. Kim will become completely single if the judges sign their documents.

Kim Kardashian made Laura Wasser her attorney to resolve custody and property disputes and to remove west from her name. Kim decided to take 'West' out of her surname.

Kanye, the rapper refuses to split with Kim and says that God will allow him to get back together with Kim. Many of his fans also want Kim to give Kim another chance.

For a while, the news about Kim Kardashian's and Pat Davidson's relationship has been in the media. According to some reports, they are currently dating. Their relationship was discovered when they were both spotted together multiple times.

The scandal between Kim Kardashian and Pat Davidson is drawing a lot of attention. Both were spotted holding hands many times. They are both in a serious relationship and may want to continue this relationship.

Although they have not made any statements, Kim wants to divorce Kanye. After that, it will be interesting to see if she will marry Pete.

Kim is ready to end their relationship, but Kanye was still concerned about the marriage when they first met. He answered questions about his career and life as a father.

When asked about his six-year marriage, he replied, "Kim, my wife, and I haven't yet seen the divorce papers." My children want their parents with them. We should be together. It was evident that he still has an interest in the marriage.