Amazon Game Studios once again gives New World players the opportunity to test the upcoming game content as early as possible, thanks to the update of the Public Test Realm for them.

The first major update of PTR will include a lot of holiday-themed content, as well as more missions, features, and PvP changes. This PTR update will include Aeternum’s winter fusion holiday, bringing snow to unlikely places in the world and making the northern lights appear in the sky above. Players will find winter villages in main areas and complete tasks to get rewards such as New World Gold.

However, this is not entirely positive, because players will find Ice Caves appearing around Aeternum and have their own unique enemies to deal with. In addition, players will complete some side story missions in areas surrounding Winter Convergence activities.

Besides the new content, this update also adds some major changes to the New World endgame. High Water Mark has now been renamed Expertise and can be viewed in inventory to help track progress. In addition, Gypsum has been added to the game. This is a resource that can be got from daily activities and can be made into weapons, armor or small accessories to ensure the gain of professional knowledge. Players can also buy items made by New World Gold for further upgrades on this basis.

Now a pair of new endgame POIs have been added, which will provide players who find an elite treasure chest with more tough challenges and more rewards, such as New World Gold. The difficulty of Malevolence and Imperial Palace has also increased to 66.

Finally, PTR now adds more rewards for those who use trading skills, and some changes to PvP gameplay. This further stimulated players’ desire to buy New World Gold.

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