Are you fed up with the "HP printer not responding" message? Do you want to know how to fix the HP printer offline? You're in the right place if you answered yes to this question. This blog will show you a quick and easy way to fix an HP printer that is showing offline errors. Follow the steps in this blog to fix the offline error on your HP printer.

Instruction 1: Check the network

Most often, the pop-up message "HP printer offline" indicates that the printer isn't properly connected to the network. hp printer offline Today, printers use Wi-fi networks or internet lines. Therefore, it is important to verify that the printer is properly connected to the network.

  • This will allow you to check the USB connection between your printer and your computer as well as the power cord.
  • You should ensure that your wireless printer is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure the USB cord is working and the power cord is also functioning. If any one of these is broken or not working, the printer will continue to show "HP printer offline".

Instruction 2 - Check for paper jams and printer names

You should check for any jammed paper, cartridges, or open printer doors. This is the second most common reason for printing offline.

Another error we make is to connect a different printer, and then try to print the command on another printer. This mistake will cause you to be unnecessarily annoyed to believe that your HP printer is offline.

Instruction 3 - Change the status of your printer manually

This is because the previous instructions were too generic and not the most commonly used. This will save you tons of time. Next, follow the HP printer offline fix. Then, use this instruction to change your printer status manually to online. You can do this by:

  • Go to the control panel
  • Click on Devices and Printers.
  • Next, right-click on the printer you've given the command
  • Click on the "see what's printing" option, then change the status of the printer to "use printer online".
  • This will change the status to 'printer offline' or ready.

Instruction 4 - Restart

You are still wondering why my HP printer is showing offline. This is the easiest, but most efficient, way to restart your printer or computer.

Instruction 5: Re-installing or installing drivers for printer software

If your HP printer keeps going offline despite following all the steps above, there may be a problem with the driver or software. This can be a difficult issue to fix. You don't have to worry; our technical experts are available 24x7 and can help you resolve your HP printer showing offline error.

For assistance, call the Printer Support Team

You don't have the time or patience to follow these steps, so call our Printer Support specialists. Our technical experts are highly qualified and will guide you through the process of fixing an HP printer that is showing offline errors.