Earlier this month, Nike began to pay tribute to Rock'n' Roll, New Air Force 1 embroidering many patterns on Air Max 97. Here, in the Blazer Mid in 1977, the brand continued to work hard in a way that is more symbolic of the type itself. This color is called "Cleveland Rock" and ostensibly commemorates the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. Different from the appearance of this shoe, its insole is printed with the words "216" and "CLE" to commemorate the "Forest City". The silhouette of the usual white leather is gone. Instead, black denim wraps the toes, sides and heels, all of which echo Rockstar's beloved jeans to a certain extent. More importantly, the Swoosh is lit and patched on the side, just like people make denim jackets or vests. Elsewhere, many adjacent fixtures-soles, laces, medial inspections, etc.-remain standard, and most choose a neutral finish.

Adidas Yeezy ended the year with a series of new product releases at all costs in December this year. Among the many outstanding works, the New Release Yeezy  knitting is the most eye-catching one, and will be delivered in the "slate blue" color scheme soon. In many respects, the silhouette is very similar to the 350 v2 CMPCT, whose recent appearance also incorporates the "slate blue" theme. But the similarities are limited to the collar, which sits higher and tightens because of its elastic structure. Shoelaces, also longer results, ended just a bit shy on the top. At the foot, this basketball shoe completed its design with YZY QNTM tools. These tools were stripped from the original design, with almost no adjustments. Around the middle of the NBA season, new signature sneakers from all brands usually enter the market. One of the things worth paying attention to is the latest work by Adidas and Damian Lillard-this energetic duo is ready to begin the eighth chapter of their signature shoe journey. With a lightweight rebound Pro midsole, Dame 8 provides a competent blend of speed, stability, and durability, reflecting Lillard's boxer mentality and ruthless training route. The opening is two interpretations of "4th QT K.O.", which is a tribute to Dame's crazy buzzer at a critical moment. It was followed by "Dame Time", which featured the classic Portland color, and a "Respect My Name" covered in vibrant blue-green and hot pink.

As early as October, Pyle Moss rejoined Reebok for another experiment 4, wearing a new "emergency" color scheme for Reebok. Although more collaborative projects will definitely be on the way, the brand still pays attention to "the Sculpt", Skechers Shoes Outlets and it will soon release its fifth iteration. Unlike its appearance before, the independent shoe offers many shades of tan here, using them in leather and mesh as well. Even pull tags, shoelaces, and buttons are worn the same, but the lining is off-set with gray finish. Under the feet, the soles of the platform are soaked in bright blue-green, squeezing into every part of the fixture. The release information is as follows: Bold Purple/Electric Yellow will be released on December 19 at a price of US$120, while the remaining three are expected to land on the Adidas website in early 2022 and cooperate with retailers. Take a first glance at all four colors and stay tuned for the release.