Like many other existing dungeons, the Blood Furnace dungeon of WoW TBC Classic also has a series of missions. These TBC Classic Gold dungeon missions will provide a lot of experience, in addition to the large amount of experience gained when clearing monsters and bosses in the dungeon. What's more exciting is that the loot obtained from completing the dungeon mission is some of the best equipment players can get before the raid begins.

Before entering the blood furnace, the player must complete the Weaken the Ramparts quest located in the Hellfire Wall of the Dungeon. This task requires the player to kill three bosses from the wall of hellfire. In addition, when killing the final Boss Vazruden of the Hellfire Wall, the player must plunder his body to obtain the ominous letter.

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Right-click the item to start the mission Dark Tidings, and then return to the base camp of the player faction in Hellfire Peninsula. After the player completes the first two tasks, the follow-up task Heart of Rage will be handed over to the player, and now the player can enter the blood furnace. In addition, the player will be able to pick up the The Blood is Life quest, and the player should definitely grab it, because it can also be completed in the blood furnace.

Heart of Rage requires the player to scout the Blood Forge, which is done when the player passes through the dungeon. The Blood is Life requires players to collect 10 blood bottles of evil orcs, and the drop rate on many monsters in the blood furnace is 100%. After completing a blood furnace, the player will Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold complete Heart of Rage and The Blood is Life at the same time.

By surrendering these two missions, the player has completed all the available missions of the Blood Forge on normal difficulty. When the player reaches level 70, the player needs to complete a heroic difficulty daily task, but this task is not something that the player has to worry about when leveling up, because they are only available after the player reaches the highest level 70. In the process, it is best for players to purchase cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS to quickly improve their strength in order to successfully complete the mission.