Then send it to them so they can decide whether or not to proceed. The response time isn't the best but as I mentioned earlier, it could just be the rep I have or it could be the time of day I'm placing my order or something like that. My recommendation is that you go to their instagram page and send them a direct message (DM).

Inform them that you are considering a career in the brazilian hair bundles industry. You can contact them or you can contact me directly. I own that one and I'm going to give you his whatsapp number as well.

The price is reasonable. I experimented with double pull mink hair wholesale   vendors near me vendor solely to see how thick the bundle would be. As I mentioned earlier, it was in the middle and wasn't that expensive, so definitely go for it, and the texture I'm going to show you guys is the texture I purchased so you can see what the wholesale human hair looks like. I purchased four pieces from the double pull section.

It's a deep wave sea wave straight ahead of you. Natural wave, so allow me to show you guys the bundle. This is deep wave, as you can see, and the weft is very nice as well.

1. As you can see, the curls are extremely thick, and they are absolutely stunning

2.  At the moment, I haven't washed my wholesale hair bundles, but I intend to do so shortly

3.  Then, if any of you have any questions or would like to know how it turned out, please let me know in the comments section

4. Then I can tell you guys that I'm going to do your full lace 613 wig, and maybe I'll make a video to show you how it's done because I'm going to do your vendors for hair

5.  The other head of 13 by 5 frontal is parted in two directions, yes, but it has natural waves, which you can see in the pictures

Afterwards, I'm going to show you this right away, and hair wholesaler's probably just natural waves, but because it's in a bun, it's probably a little wavy, but it's not too big, and you can definitely see it. You can see it's super awesome thick, which means it's high quality wholesale hair. Some people may only want two packs, however, if they do not want you to know that they have extremely thick virgin hair. However, three bundles are recommended just in case. Then let me show you the waves, look at that bounce you guys, it's beautiful so I think I might be able to do a U-shape wig with all three of them, but this one I'm familiar with the natural waves.