The healthy TDS level of water is one of the most critical aspects of our life as far as our health is concerned. The TDS level indicates the quality of the water. We can find water purifiers claiming to treat a TDS level of 500ppm as it has a TDS controller with RO technology in it.


TDS has nothing much to do with health issues. However, it depends on the level of impurities and dissolved chemicals in the water. If water has excessive minerals, it may have serious effects on your health and appearance.


The industrial waste, the chemicals obtained from the agricultural field, and the various chemical residues are get dissolved in water cause serious diseases like cancer, dental diseases, and cardiovascular issues.


What is the Healthy TDS level of Drinking Water?


If you can maintain a healthy TDs level of water, then you can keep yourself away from a lot of health hazards. A healthy TDS level of drinking water is 100ppm. Something below or above it may cause health issues depending on the intensity of the dissolved chemicals.


If your water has low TDS level, it may result in heart diseases and hair fall issues. People with kidney issues are recommended to drink water with a TDS level of 100ppm. Moreover, a less concentration of TDs is not suitable for drinking. It tastes bitter due to a lack of minerals.


On the other hand, water with a high TDS of level will result in various bone-related diseases like arthritis, kidney stone, and high blood pressure issues. So, let us discuss different TDS level and their effects on human health.


  • If your water has a TDS level below 50ppm, it is not suitable for drinking as fewer minerals.
  • TDS level 80-150ppm is good for drinking purposes as it has the right amount of minerals.
  • If you want to keep your cardiovascular health intact, then 150-250ppm is the recommended level.
  • In India, usually, a TDS level of 250-350ppm is acceptable. However, it is not as good as the TDs level of 100ppm.  In
  • In rural areas, we find the 350-500ppm level is usually accepted as a healthy TDS level of water.
  • If you have an RO purifier, then you can purify the water with a TDS level of 500-900, which is safe for drinking.
  • 900-1200 is the range that is not recommended for drinking. However, you can use it if you have a water purifier with RO technology ad a TDS controller.



Advantages of Healthy TDS Water Level


If you can obtain a healthy TDS level of water, then there are a lot of advantages to it. Let us discuss them all: 

  • If you drink water at a healthy TDS level, it will taste good as it has the right amount of minerals. However, you should use water with a TDS level of 900-1000ppm for watering your plants. This will provide the plants with an adequate amount of minerals.
  • It will not stain your utensils. Moreover, you can cook your food in less time compared to water with high mineral content.
  • If you have a fish tank, you can ensure that your fishes remain healthy and happy with a healthy TDS level of water.
  • Your pipes will not corrode easily because of the deposition of unnecessary minerals.  
  • You can keep your family members and yourself away from all the severe health hazards that occur due to high mineral and chemical contents in water.

Though there is a specific TDs level that you can obtain in your drinking water, the accepted TDs level varies depending on the regions and requirements. You should check the TDS level of your water with TDS measuring equipment to lead healthy and hazardless life.