Smilegate RPG developers are about to launch MMORPG Lost Ark, and the game will be released by Amazon. In 2018, it was fully released from South Korea and later released in Russia and Japan. At this time, players will look forward to the release of the Western version. And during the summer update of 2021, the game attracted approximately 250,000 concurrent players in South Korea alone.

So what kind of game is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an ARPG mixed with MMORPG. It has everything: fishing, crafting, raids, PvP, PvE, alt characters, a huge world, mounts, pets, and even a Clash of Clans-style island-building mini-game.

Lost Ark will be released in North America and other selected regions on February 11, 2022, and it has been advanced from the previous March, and the game will be released in this very busy month.

Even in the near future, Latin America and Australia are still unable to access the game, but now this situation will be changed. Although there are still no dedicated servers in Latin America and Australia, they will be able to play Lost Ark.

In addition, it is worth noting that Lost Ark is a free game. Of course, if you want to qualify for the Closed Beta, you can purchase Founder's Pack for $15.

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