Remodeling your kitchen is no play. It is not feasible to invest your time, money, and effort in the heart of your home now and then. So, picking the proper kitchen countertops is a huge decision as it is something you may never change again. So do your research well, make prudent comparisons and settle for the best one according to your style, preferences, and functionality. This investment will last for years and will reflect your sense of fashion and your lifestyle.

Factors To Consider Before Placing Countertops In Your Kitchen

Before you choose the right countertop, do your homework on the following:

  1. The hardness and durability of the countertop. Consider the stain and heat resistance factors before choosing one.
  2. The countertop design – whether you want a composite material, manufactured unit, or a natural stone for a countertop.
  3. The pattern and style should complement the cabinets, flooring, wall colors, design of the kitchen, and other kitchen finishes.
  4. Whether you want a contemporary-styled countertop, or a farmhouse, or a traditional one for your modular furniture fittings in kitchen
  5. Stay within the budget. It is an area that goes through a lot every day, so don’t bother with highly expensive or out-of-budget countertops. There are many designs, styles, and materials that are available in quite a reasonable amount, so conduct your due diligence effectively. You can cut down the cost by mixing materials while building your countertop with the remains that can be repurposed for your store-room or bathroom.

Various Types of countertops as Modular Furniture

  1. Granite

A natural stone countertop that offers great durability, variations, flecks and can be cut in various shapes and choices. It is available in multiple light and dark shades and is heat resistant and affordable.

  1. Laminate

A little dated, but the most cost-effective material, which is also non-porous and does not absorb bacteria. However, be careful with putting hot things onto laminated countertops, as they can be damaged by heat.

  1. Quartz

This is a smart investment because of its low range and durability. Natural quartz is blended with resin binder that makes this countertop incredibly hard, non-porous, and long-lasting.

  1. Marble

The king of aesthetics – Marble has many benefits like it makes your kitchen look fresh, clean, and contemporary with a low temperature (perfect for baking) and great to roll out dough on. You can find them in budget and available in various shades of grey, black, green, blue, and brown. It would be best if you were careful when it comes to hard stains, porous substances, or scratches, as this natural stone is susceptible to immediate damage

  1. Butcher Block

An affordable countertop that is made by joining pieces of wood that form a large slab. It can be sealed or unsealed. If it is sealed, you need to be careful with the spills as It becomes porous, and you won’t be able to use it directly for cutting and chopping. Unsealed ones need regular oiling.

  1. Soapstone

Soapstone is a natural stone that is often imported from Finland and Brazil. It gives the surface a soap-like feeling and requires minimal maintenance. It is completely stain/bacteria/ and heat resistant, is entirely non-porous, and can be available in various grey, blue, or green shades.

  1. Tile

Tiles are marking a solid comeback and look fresh and clean. These can be installed in various shades, designs, and prints.

  1. Stainless Steel

It gives a street-type and industrial look. It is quite easy to maintain and is a great option for a home that has children or pets. This countertop can be easily cleaned

  1. Concrete

This material is normally used for roads and blocks and looks good in a farmhouse or commercial kitchens. Not really advised for home kitchens, as it normally takes 28-30 days to dry out. It adds a special touch to your kitchen, making it bold and striking. Even if you see a few cracks, which are highly unlikely, they can easily be repaired.

  1. Solid Surface

A blend of resin and acrylic countertop, which is stain-resistant and damage-proof. Solid surface is a budgeted material and is great for bathrooms, industrial kitchens, guesthouses, etc.


That was the modular kitchen ideas for you to consider before you choose the right kind of countertop for your modular furniture in kitchen. It would be best to go through the various types of materials, features, and pros & cons of the available countertops. Settle for the final one based on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and cooking style for your kitchen's new counter.