The developers of WOW Classic temporarily shut down the test server of Burning Crusade Classic before the actual planned date.

WOW developers originally planned to open the public test WOW Classic TBC Gold server of WOW Burning Crusade Classic until Monday, December 20, 2021, but the plan has changed and PTR has already been taken offline ahead of schedule.

Initially, the game team stated that the raid test of the Dark Temple and the Battle of Mount Hyjal will begin on the test server throughout the weekend and continue until 9 o'clock on Monday night.

The developer emphasized that major changes have taken place in the back-end system, affecting the way data is exchanged between the client and the server in the PTR construction this week. According to Blizzard, the problem may manifest itself in various ways, and this is clearly what is happening.

As reported by the WOW editorial team, there are obviously various problems with the stability of the server. Many players are complaining about server crashes and disconnections, which is why the developers closed the Dark Temple and Mount Hyjal raid tests ahead of time.

In addition, it is not clear how long it will take to fix the stability issue. Blizzard’s classic team said that when they determine the time frame for the next test, they will issue relevant notices.

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