This is an amazing Buy RuneScape Gold non-degradable set-up. It is ideal to use in a secure zone (cw, duels, ect ...) due to its excellent range defense, slash defense and amazing strength boost. The reason I use dfs instead of the d def is that bandos has little in slash defense compared to other armours. this offsets the bad defense and also gives a 1 str bonus.

In zones where the risk of injury is not a factor (pc), i will replace the dfs by the d def. This will result in the 124 slash attack bonus as well as 120 str bonus. When I am training str, I will employ an ss.

What do you guys think? do you like it? i think the most controversial part of this armour is the use of dfs instead of the d def in the pvp. I think it will work. Many high-ranking officers use a combination of bandos and dfs, as outlined above.

Set up. Dont enter. Do not camp on the other side. You can use fire to kill all the Spirtuals and Aviansies. Then, you can collect all the spoils! These include bonus bars, clue scrolls, Nex keys and limbs Rune legs and daggers, Law and Nature runes Dragonstones and Pure coins (up to 9,916!)

The value of xp is higher than just regularly killing them. It's also more if you're always fighting them. It is recommended to keep your bonuses for range at a high amount for your cannon. Although you can reach the limbs and daggers, I prefer selling them. You could also stay here for many weeks without it being boring. Thank you Tcmp3 for your support. Copying is not permitted. This is my property. OK I fixed some of the spelling errors as I left one letter out on some of the words or spelled red "ren". Yes, you can use the cannon, however, creatures can knock it down.

Why do people hate farming?

I've noticed that many RS players are not a fan of the Farming Skill, training it only with tears of Guthix or as a quest requirement like Fairy Tale Pt 2. When I ask people why Farming is boring, they usually answer "too boring". This is not the case.

I find Farming to be one of the most fascinating skills. It provides a variety of possibilities for learning and a change of the scenery, and also lets you speak in a cc while still learning. It isn't necessary to do the exact actions at the same place for hours. Instead, there's a lengthy break between Farming runs that allows you to do whatever you wish.

The idea of slamming farming is similar to saying Slayer cost hundreds of millions. Just look at the prices for Bandos Fury, Potions, Cannonballs and more. Farming offers a wide variety of prices/xp ratios, making it simple to find a solution that is within your budget. Personally, I don't want to get XP from farms in a hurry, as there isn’t any other method to gain it. So I run Pineapple and Willow tree runs. I make much more than I Buy RS 2007 Gold