New World is set on the mainland of Aeternum Island, a place where plants, animals, minerals and other mysterious resources thrive. It relies heavily on the open world and survivalist aesthetics, and the ability to collect resources is not limited to class or occupation. Players need a place to place the large amount of materials they have collected until they can be refined and crafted into Cheap New World Coins weapons, armor, jewelry, or rich food.

Players can use a new storage shed in each settlement, but these are independent storage units, which means that each storage unit is not connected to other storage units. Players can transfer items between warehouses in different cities, but only if the character’s faction controls the two cities. Even so, the player must pay the transfer fee.

If the player owns a house in the same city, they can equip it with an elaborate storage unit as an extension of the local storage shed and access their equipment at home. How many storage units a house can have is determined by the Tier level of the house. These storage units are usually made using engineering skills in the workshop, but there are also various random enemies that drop them.

Once placed in the house, players can use them to transfer items from different cities, just like using a storage shed in a city. In any game that needs to be made, there are also some ways to expand the carrying capacity of the New World Coins character. Arcanists can make burden potions to give characters greater carrying capacity, and those with high enough armor skills can make a variety of satchels to carry as much as possible.

In order to make certain raw materials easier to carry, characters who focus on collecting and making can add Perks to these Sachels. Characters can only manually transfer materials from their bags to their internal boxes or storage rooms. By the way, NewWorldCoins will help players become stronger in New World because they provide players with a large amount of cheap New World Coins.