Anetherons is the second leader of the Hyjal Peak raid, which is more difficult than Winter's Fury in the Burning Crusade. It also brings more work to the healer and requires players to pay more WOW Classic TBC Gold attention to it.

Anetherons is not much more difficult than Rage, but it is still a bit difficult, especially compared to players who pass Vashj's P2 and can quickly transmit information and change their behavior accordingly.

As usual, there will be 8 waves of thugs every 2 to 3 minutes. This principle is almost the same as Rage. A new kind of banshee has appeared, and players can keep them in cages as much as possible, because they can cause huge damage and wave curses to affect players.

Players need a little more continuous dps than Rage, so you must improve the dps well and complete 8 waves in time.

Boss basically has two abilities to deal with. The first is to launch a "swarm" to the players in the team every 10 to 20 seconds, and produce a 60° cone-shaped effect around him. This swarm will cause shadow damage from 4K to 6K and leave a debuff lasting 20 seconds, which will reduce the healing effect by 75%.

Therefore, in order to avoid getting caught in the swarm, you must form a circle around the boss. Most importantly, let the therapists reason with each other. Because if the healer suffers Debuff, his healing effect will be suppressed. Therefore, there can be no more than 2 or 3 healers with debuffs in the team, otherwise it may be very difficult.

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