In order to attract more players back to the game, New World developers bring new content to the game. They plan to introduce enemy modifiers in the game to make the PvE scene more unique and interesting. These New World Coins augments will be called Mutators and will provide various effects for different creatures. When players face different challenges, Mutators will add new changes to players competing for the New World gold medal.

Mutators may include creatures that explode upon death, enhanced or crazy opponents, elites with unique skills, or auras with debuffs. Each increase will be different, and will rotate every week. These enhancements are a great way to test the game mechanics and skills of the residents of Aeternum. In addition, the developer stated that mutant creatures will have a chance or probability to drop more loot than normal creatures.

In the past few months, New World has been stuck in the first few stages of its main storyline. The last mission related to the main story of the game is Heart of the Storm, which can only be unlocked at level 60. However, those who have reached the end are already looking for the next part of the story. The game studio announced that they will soon launch a new mission line to continue the story of New World.

The developers also stated that they will post tasks that use trading skills, so some of these tasks will require specific levels of specific trading skills. In addition to the ongoing storyline and new enhancements, the developers also teased fans with two new weapons. The new weapon will be equipped with the second gun in the game, Blunderbuss. It will have a different game style from the long-range attack of the rifle.

Since its launch, fast travel has been an existing feature of New World. The only update in this regard is that more travel temples will be introduced in the game. It is not clear when these additional temples will be implemented in the game. In addition, will help players become stronger in New World, because any player can buy New World Coins there and quickly strengthen themselves.