Do you notice that one issue look to travel wrong at the worst potential time? once it involves your field water robot, a clogged robot head, or associate degree yelling pump are problems you'd opt to resolve right away.


Seven Common system issues manner to fix Them

Fortunately, you'll be able to troubleshoot your field mechanical device issues easily. Here are seven common problems and conjointly the approach you'll be able to fix them:


1. Broken spray heads: If you notice that your mechanical device heads don’t crop up or they pop up alone to spray water everywhere, you'll have a broken spray head. Broken spray heads occur once field mowers or completely different vehicles drive over them. To repair a broken spray head, notice the proper robot head to match your irrigation head.


2. Clogged robot heads: You'll have a clogged mechanical device head if the very best doesn’t rise and there' no water. Dirt, sand and different detritus build up within the Sprinkler System Repair head filters. to wash a filter: stop working your water, raise the appear riser, reckon the nozzle and therefore the filter, clean the filter, and are on the market back to the nozzle.


3. The water mechanism controller stops working: Here are four main problems which may cause your controller to forestall working: it fails to remain time, your timer dial won't be fliping, your controller won’t flip at intervals the manual mode or the controller fails to figure among the container mode. For these four absolutely completely completely different problems, we offer four different solutions. explore our FAQs for given tips to repair your controller problem.


4. Classification valve skipping over watering zones:

3 Attainable issues with solutions include:

  • If the valve isn't put in at the very best purpose of the system, there could also be flow coming into the valve once shut down. If backflow enters the valve, it'll cause the disc to skip because it is pushed against the backflow.

The result: water will be available through the water throughout the begin-up. Install a check valve on any outlet that has zone piping on top of the valve.

  • If the pump is found more than many feet from the water source, the within valve disc pops up and down, skipping zones because the provide line fills with purging air. to repair this problem, move the categorization valve nearer to the water source, so the electrical management valve or pump is closer to the indexing valve to pressurize the provision line.


  • If you have got a pump fed system, there could also be suction leaks on the pump intake line inflicting the pump to surge or not keep a gradual flow of water for the disc of the valve to depress and keep in one zone. You’ll ought to contact a contractor to diagnose, find and repair the suction leak.


5. Water is about out of multiple zones at the constant time: For the valves to stay open in one zone, whereas closing retailers in different zones, there should be a minimum amount of water pushed through the valve. For instance, our 4,000 series want 10 gallons per minute (GPM) to figure and our 6,000 series need fifteen GPM. To analysis additional causes and solutions, head to our list page and appearance below “Indexing Valves.”


6. There' a chattering noise after you place it within the pump: The pump begins relay may even be too far away from the controller, and additionally the wire size between the controller and therefore the relay’s coil is solely too small. to stop the chattering, change the wire size to 14 gauges for runs over fifteen feet.


If your controller’s device is just deficient to pull the relay contacts in, you would like a fair larger electrical device to prevent the matter. Contact a contractor in your house to diagnose the matter and to fix it for you.


7. A generally quiet pump begins noisily whereas in operation: Once the pump starts buzzing, it means the relay is on the fritz, and it's to be replaced. Since the relay is also a magnetically activated switch, its contact points begin to oxidize, making it ineffective at propulsion in conjunction with the high voltage contacts. The result' a droning sound. High status or high salt climates will accelerate this methodology resulting in shorter service life.

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