The world has been seeing a seriously dropping rate of life against the prevalence of death, especially in the last two years. Traveling being the foremost way of bringing joy and entertainment in one’s life is not only restricted but is frowned upon now. In such a scenario where people are dying of mere cold and cough, it is imperative to raise the stakes and live longer, whilst optimising expenses smartly. This is where health insurance greatly helps. But one might wonder, what health insurance can do and if it can be replaced with worldwide travel insurance during the travel season.

So why bother to have health insurance? First of all, it is a mandatory requirement. As part of their efforts to create an integrated healthcare system in UAE, the health authorities (DHA & DOH) have mandated all residents to have a valid insurance policy that covers their medical expenses. Secondly, it is needed for visa stamping purposes. In DOH & DHA, all employers and individual sponsors insuring their employees, domestic help or dependents must provide medical insurance. Failure to do so will result in complications with visa issuance and will be penalized for the same. The law ensures that only those with a valid insurance card can proceed with the visa stamping. And thirdly, it covers medical expenses. Health insurance in Dubai  or anywhere in the world helps pay for your health care. It can help cover services ranging from routine doctor visits to major medical costs and covers many preventive services to keep you healthy.

However, if you are wondering if your health insurance can be replaced with travel insurance then you are mistaken. You need to always get travel insurance for your trip, even though you have bought private health insurance. This way, you are fully insured, no matter what happens. And anyway, the members can obtain coverage for medical expenses across the world, including their home country, subject to the opted policy terms and conditions. The cost of health insurance in Dubai is lesser than what one might fathom. Hence having one can always play to your strengths.

  • Benefits of Health Insurance

One should keep in mind that the coverage of medical insurance is subject to the benefits under the policy, where the coverage is well defined with the limits and sublimits. Some of the coverage under the medical insurance is as below, which again depends on the benefits you choose.

  • Maternity Cover - Maternity coverage includes the prenatal, postnatal and delivery expenses as per the agreed policy terms.
  • Emergency cover - The Emergency Medical benefit covers treatment for an unexpected illness or injury or any life-threatening conditions which offers extensive coverage and acts as a financial pillow in case of medical emergencies.
  • Vaccination cover for the kids – cover the cost of immunizations and preventive care services as per health plan.
  • Diagnostic test & treatments – The medical policies will cover the medically indicated Tests, diagnosis, treatments, and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases
  • Outpatient Services – Any services as outpatient, such as consultation, lab/radiology tests, pharmaceutical/medicine, etc. will be covered.
  • Inpatient Services – Any treatment which requires more than 12 hours of admission is referred to as inpatient services and the same will be covered as per the terms agreed.
  • Day case – Any day case admission for any small procedures will also be covered under the medical insurance.


In this world of uncertainty, we recommend you get health insurance. Due to the infinite number of deaths during Covid, having health is a safety net even if you contract the disease. Get insured today.