Players who love WoW TBC Classic know that Arcatraz is one of the most notorious dungeons in the game. It is a popular destination for any character of the highest level who is ready for endgame content because it has a large number of iconic boss battles and aspirational loot. In addition, for players who wish to adapt to the Karazhan raid, completing the WOW TBC Gold dungeon is a necessary step.

In WoW TBC Classic, every dungeon and raid are actually related to each other, and Arcatraz is in the middle of these dungeons and raids. Since the player does not need to reach level 70 to start the required task chain to unlock the dungeon, the player can easily complete the Arcatraz adjustment process when upgrading the character.

Players can also bring a Rogue player with 350 unlocking skills to unlock the door for their team and enter Arcatraz. However, if the player wants to build his team in a certain way, excluding Rogues from the picture, the player must obtain the key to the dungeon in the old-fashioned way. To start the Arcatraz tuning process, players need to receive the first necessary mission and complete the initial mission chain.

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Then, the player must use Nexus-Prince to give his triangulation meter to take readings at different locations throughout the area. At the third and final triangulation point, the player must defeat a dreadlord named Kurusas and plunder his Atama crystal. After defeating Kurushas and obtaining the Atama Crystal, the player will need to go to Shattrath City to retrieve the crystal.

Players need to obtain two key fragments from the final boss of the dungeons of Mechanar and Botanica, and bring these two key fragments back to A'dal in Shattrath. After that, the player will receive the Arcatraz key as a reward. In this process, will wholeheartedly help players, allowing players to easily obtain a large amount of TBC Classic Gold without spending too much money.