Before the release of Amazon Game Studio’s New World, one of the most attractive elements was that players could spend time doing anything in the game. From PvP faction wars to expeditions, from collecting New World Gold to crafting items. Harvesting materials and using them to make equipment is very attractive, and it even provides an alternative way to improve character levels.

Since its launch, New World has been plagued by a large number of robots in the game, often fishing or logging in resource-rich areas. A Redditor named JustWASD discovered an error while exploring the meadows of Ebonscale. Reddit users shared a post and a video showing this error, which makes a patch of regular grass act like a puddle, players can Buy New World Coins.

This malfunction is particularly strange because the area is mainly a grassy path surrounded by many trees. JustWASD shows that their characters walk through the area under normal physical conditions on any ground, but then a breathing icon appears. The area is far away from any waters, but players can also throw their rods and try fishing in New World as usual.

This is exactly what the players did. They even managed to get two fish out of the invisible puddle. The physics and graphics of all these fish are displayed on the screen. When the character catches a fish, it will also make a typical New World fishing posture, and the player will unlock the victory related to fishing.

In addition to errors, New World has several loopholes that allow players to gain specific advantages. One of the most famous is that the game has now been fully patched, and it is New World Gold. However, New World is also using loopholes to maintain territorial control, which does not include large-scale reporting of enemy players, but allows subsidiaries to attack the main company and conduct false wars.