Blizzard responded to concerns about the imbalance of World of Warcraft classic servers in a post on the World of Warcraft Community Committee, and they are seeking solutions from the community.

Blizzard issued a lengthy response to a topic discussing the imbalance of WOW TBC Classic and WOW Classic servers. At the same time, during this process, Blizzard confirmed that it will have a real-time chat discussion on this topic with the gaming community in the near future.

The producer of WOW Classic wrote this forum reply in the name of Aggrend on the official World of Warcraft Community Committee forum, discussing in depth how Blizzard can Buy WOW TBC Gold achieve free role transfer and server consolidation.

Aggrend believes that there is no single correct answer to this question, because everyone wants different things, and many obvious solutions have unobvious consequences.

For WOW TBC Classic and WOW Classic, the problem of server imbalance is not new. Rumors have been circulating that some servers in the game are filled by close to 90% of tribal players. When a server is controlled by a particular faction, the unions of the opposition faction will not continue to tolerate all this, and they will transfer the payment to a server with a healthier population balance. This is more important for PVP servers. After all, the healthy struggle between factions is the key to the attractiveness of the server.

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Aggrend believes that Blizzard should enable the free role transfer feature on some servers as soon as possible.

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