We are a Sofa Fabric Manufacturer , let me share with you what types of sofa fabrics are available.

  One: Linen sofa

  The most powerful function of the linen sofa is that it has very good thermal conductivity. The linen sofa has a compact but soft texture, moderate softness and hardness, and has a simple and natural temperament. In the summer, there is no need to worry about the signs of adhesion of the linen sofa due to human sweat. It is a sofa that is very suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

  Two: Blended sofa

  The blended fabric sofa is composed of cotton and chemical fiber materials. The blended fabric sofa can present the visual effects of silk, flannel, and linen. With the rise of differential chemical fiber, blended fiber and blended spinning, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high-simulation effect of fabric sofas made of blended fabrics can almost be fake.

  Three: pure cotton sofa

  The heat resistance and alkali resistance of pure cotton make the sofa of pure cotton fabric not easy to be damaged during cleaning or washing. Pure cotton fabric sofas have good air permeability, are close to the skin and are natural and environmentally friendly. They are the models with the widest market share at present. The pastoral style is most used in pure cotton sofas.

  Four: flannel sofa

  The price of flannel fabric is slightly more expensive, and the sofa of flannel fabric is soft, smooth and elastic. Just like the fur of a small animal, the most impressive thing about the flannel sofa is that it is super delicate and gentle. The material of flannel sofa has also changed a lot. From corduroy to suede, it can be said that it has gone through many reforms from rough to delicate.

  Five: leather cloth combined with sofa

  At present, there is also a sofa that looks like leather but is actually fabric, such as the red new leather flannel sofa and the wheat high fiber cloth sofa. The leather-cloth combined sofa is one of the most popular and favorite sofas in recent days. Now the latest leather-cloth combined sofa is made of nano-materials, which is more convenient to clean. In the backrest armrests and other places that are easy to be dirty but not easy to remove and wash, they are all leather, while other places that are in close contact with the human body and easy to remove and wash are cloth, and the leather cloth adopts the same color system.

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