The Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT is gradually taking over for 2022, New Release Yeezy revealing colorways that could even compete with the latest from the original model. This latest 'Patent Red' is almost as eye-catching as the last 'Patent Bred'. In terms of color blocking, the shoe is reminiscent of the 2020 release "Satin Snake." However, the reptile's skin is completely removed, and the satin on the title is covered in bright red patent on the toes, eye stops, and ankle flaps. Neutrals of black and white, then, fill in the rest of the upper, opting for a flatter fit of tipped leather. What's more, the sole is a "sail" finish that gives the shoe a subtle retro effect. Last year, Reebok's Question Mid never stopped showing up in new and long-time favorite makeup. And for 2022, Contour has no plans to slow down, recently adding "Blue Toe" latecomers to a long list. Judging by the official images, the 2022 colorway version is the same as the last appearance in 2016. The titular blue toe still has a slight sheen, rollover, and a deep, saturated finish with a well-contrasted white that makes up most of the upper. Elsewhere, cool tones are also dressed in eyelets, heel tabs, and outsole, while padding in red outlined vector, seal on the side and tongue. The shoe differs from his six-year-old in the insole, which has no Reebok logo, but a close-up of Allen Iverson himself.

Although not as common as the cult of fruit, Menairshoes has a long history of celebrating mushrooms. In addition to the more famous Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4, the fungus also adorns sports jackets to make the details more realistic. Many of them, including the overall colorway, reappear on this newly surfaced Air Force 1 in 2022. Similar to the classic court, Air Force 1 applies a subtle Ombré to its overlay. From above, the leather is a saturated brown that gradually becomes more and more white. Its colors never go completely neutral, though, allowing each panel to stand out against anchors such as the ribbed weave, midsole, lining, and tongue adjoining. Black also appears on top, on Swoosh coloring, heel tabs, and many mushrooms growing nearby. Dee Brown's role in Reebok's heels craze is immeasurable. While he never became the All-Star-caliber player that dominated the basketball shoe scene in the '90s, few moments compare to the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest. At the time, he pumped up his sneakers in the slam dunk contest, and then won the championship trophy with his outstanding performance. It was certainly a "discovery" moment in the marketing world, and it explains why Pump footwear is still relevant today (we interviewed Dee Brown about this last year, in case you missed it).

Before expanding their sustainable offerings, Skechers Outlets , focused on just four, each part of the once-famous Space Hippie collection. After being out of the spotlight for a while, the bag's most popular space hippie, the 01, is returning in a brand new colorway. Unlike the design philosophy of "Next Nature", "Space Hippie 01" is loud about its many recyclable parts. First, the sole is covered in debris, and its ripples and platforms are shaped like the surface of a crater. Above, the Swoosh showcases the same vivid look, filled with light and dark blue lines. Elsewhere, the rest of the upper remains a pure shade of white, paired with yellow and the aforementioned cool tones. Later this year, Reebok will drop the "Celtics" colorway of the Omni Zone II; it's similar to the black-and-white pair Brown wore to the game, but the shoe features a mesh lining, lace eyelets, and interior. Lucky Celtic Green. Further commemorating the significance of this model is the special insole, featuring a parquet floor pattern - a nod to Boston Garden hardwoods.