BestBuy Co., Inc. issued an announcement announcing its agreement to acquire Current Health. The company stated that it had reached an agreement to acquire Current Health. As a follow-up to a question about the company's future plans asked during the company's earnings call in March 2021, CEO Corie Berry stated that the company intends to invest in people, multiparameter patient monitor product development, and the continuous improvement of its health technology platform, as well as its data analytics and artificial intelligence engines. Additional clarification was provided by Deborah Di Sanzo, the President of Best Buy Health, who stated that the following was true:

When you take a step back and consider the future of consumer technology, you will notice that it is inextricably linked to the future of medical technology. Take a moment to consider this. In conjunction with our other existing health products and services, we can create a holistic care ecosystem that shows up for someone throughout the entire spectrum of their healthcare needs, including mental health. This can be accomplished by utilizing Current Health's remote care management platform. We have developed a unique set of skills in order to assist customers in making technology work for their specific needs.


An organization's ability to deliver services to patients and collect payment for those services would be incomplete without a trustworthy patient data collection system.





Although the market is flooded with new health devices and wearables, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not yet certified all of them for reimbursement. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) must first authorize a device before it can be declared eligible for reimbursement. Before this may happen, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must provide their approval. Following FDA clearance, the device may be deemed eligible for federal reimbursement if certain conditions are met.


The FDA categorizes patient monitors who evaluate the danger to human life posed by clinically substantial threats to human life into three categories. Categories are based on risk to human life and the risk to human life the patient monitor assesses themselves or herself to pose to the patient monitoring system . As a medical device undergoes various regulatory processes, including participation in an ongoing clinical study, it is regarded in the process of becoming regulated. Term "in the process of being regulated"


Clinicians can monitor their patients' vital signs from a distance using remote portable patient monitor devices, allowing them to make informed decisions in real time and save their patients significant time. A growing number of people are turning to remote patient monitoring equipment. In recent years, the usage of remote patient monitoring equipment has become more common among healthcare providers. Clinicians can use this type of gadget to keep track of a variety of vital indicators, including the rate of breathing and heartbeat, as well as the variability of heart rate and the saturation of blood oxygen.